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After an extensive evaluation of more than a dozen software developers to architect and develop the core framework of our next generation Client-Server product, we chose Eureka because it was clear they instantly understood the challenges we faced. Six months later, we could not have been happier with our decision - the quality of Eureka's work combined with their resilience and flexibility was truly outstanding.
Jeremy S. Levine
VP of Operations



The Eureka's development process is a customized, multi-phase method of delivering projects on time and on budget with high customer satisfaction. The methodology is designed to adapt to both the requirements of each individual engagement and the pressures of larger industry forces. Leveraging our technical knowledge and industry experience with this methodology enables us to empower our clients, streamline decision-making processes, expedite production, and cut costs.

1. Define
The define phase begins with high-level planning and culminates with the delivery of a Functional Specification. Our clients look to us to provide the tools necessary to take their business to a new level. We work with our clients to prioritize the critical functionality that will allow them to generate revenue and realize their business goals. This functionality is detailed through a series of workshops and documented in the Functional Specification.

2. Design
The design phase begins the extremely technical portion of Eureka's development methodology. At this point in the process, the project's architect and senior engineers use the requirements collected during the define phase to produce the Technical Design document for the project. This is comparable to an architectural blueprint. The Technical Design contains the component, package, and object layout of your project and illustrates how they will interact. It also contains scalability parameters, detailed hardware requirements, and test plans. With this document, we are ready to proceed with the development of your project.

3. Develop
The Define and Design phases involved site architects and senior engineers. In the Develop phase, the project team is expanded to include software engineers and specialists in production, documentation, and quality assurance.

The project manager is your contact throughout the project, working hand-in-hand with the lead software engineer to keep you constantly informed.
The engineering team uses a top-down method to divide the project into units, develop and test the units, and then integrate them into the final solution.
Production and quality assurance members integrate the components and ensure that all the parts work in the way described by the specifications.
Dedicated quality assurance and testers work closely with the rest of the development team to build and execute a solid, comprehensive test plan that includes feature verification, black box, white box, component and load testing.
Documentation and knowledge transfer specialists provide appropriate information to ensure that you receive a total, comprehensible solution.

4. Deploy
Whether deploying a Web project or a custom software application, the Eureka's deployment services consist of defining requirements and setting up, configuring, and installing hardware and software. Our consultants and deployment engineers will work with you to determine anticipated utilization, stability, extensibility, and scalability requirements.

After the appropriate technologies are chosen, we configure the systems and prepare the hardware to support all your applications. We also offer a variety of post-deployment services, such as routine site maintenance and enhancements.

5. Debrief
After the delivery of the project, we conduct a formal review. We ascertain that the necessary deliverables and milestones have been met and that you have the resources needed to support the system we have built. In addition, we complete the feedback loop by requesting from you a formal assessment of the project. Because our teams are evaluated by client satisfaction and their ability to deliver on time and on budget, this feedback helps us shape our development processes.

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