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I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all the great work your firm did for us in totally re-designing our website. It looks great and we have received many compliments. Best of all, I can see that the search optimization has really worked as I am receiving a lot more traffic from our website. Just yesterday, I received a referral of a personal injury case from an attorney in another city who told me that he found me by a Google search where my firm came up #2 on the results.
James B. Reed 
Hayden & Mustico  



The internet as a media provides a great avenue to establish and build a brand presence through visual design. A brand identity epitomizes your persona, your aspirations, your promises, your values and your vision. We believe that visual communication drives brand identity, brand remembrance and is an indicator of the focus of a company on brand building.

EEPL provides that compelling experience which champions your brand identity in every facet of your communication. We have a unique and interesting approach for visual design. Our visual design approach has been modeled on a painter, his thought process and his work. Please view our methodology to gain insight into our creative process.

Eureka's visual design services are geared for small and medium enterprises spanning a large canvas encompassing various industry verticals and business domains.


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