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It's not often that a software company will outsource core product development, but when your developers are fully allocated and a critical project needs resources, you have no choice. Eureka tackled a very sophisticated project - a stateful version of our WebAnswer web search engine - which we needed to deliver to several of our largest, most important customers. Even our own software engineers had to admit they did a great job!
Howie York
VP Software Solutions
Dataware Technologies



EEPL launches 'BIZ Dynamic' - A catalogue management software

Eureka offers a new product for our customers. We present 'BIZ Dynamic' - a unique catalogue management software.

With this software you can create your own catalog and web site, without any programming. You can add / remove and even hide products and categories. It has very powerful search feature to search your product by code name of product name. Apart from it the best feature is that all your images are safe from being copied, since all images will have your company name written in the center, without any programming. It also features shopping cart, print, zoom, e-mail, slideshow and thumbnail features.

More features, online demo, screenshots, prices etc are available at our web site


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