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It's not often that a software company will outsource core product development, but when your developers are fully allocated and a critical project needs resources, you have no choice. Eureka tackled a very sophisticated project - a stateful version of our WebAnswer web search engine - which we needed to deliver to several of our largest, most important customers. Even our own software engineers had to admit they did a great job!
Howie York
VP Software Solutions
Dataware Technologies



Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements
Eureka believes in ethical conduct of business and considers protecting the vital classified information received from client and built in to the project sacrosanct.

Company NDA
We ensure very high-level protection of the data / code / know-how, received from our Customers while executing their orders. We are ready to sign Data Non-Disclosure Agreement any form you provide.

Employee NDA
Eureka requires each of its employees to sign a very strict contract, preventing disclosure of any information.

Service Level Agreements
Service level agreements are put in place to define the minimum level of service that must be provided. They are, therefore, the basis for measuring our performance. SLA's will typically be included in the contract schedules and cover a number of areas of service including

System availability and response times

Quality standards

Measuring and monitoring service levels can be achieved through user satisfaction surveys and analysis of performance data such as system response and job turn around times. It is not always easy to identify performance measures that accurately reflect the standard of service required by the client's users. Moreover, SLA's can be ineffective documents unless the client has practical and realistic remedies in the event of non-performance. Such remedies might include the withholding or deduction of agreed rebates from fees otherwise payable to us, should the agreed level of performance not be maintained. The client needs to be aware that SLA's are not inflexible and there should be a review period in the SLA to cover changing client requirements and new technology.

Property Rights for Produced Materials
All materials, produced by Eureka in the course of project execution, e.g. software, source code, data structures, documentation, design options, etc., fully belong to the client unless agreed to separately.

After project completion all materials are transferred to the client, and after he/she confirms the successful receipt, all electronic copies of this data will be purged unless instructed otherwise by the client.

Eureka is flexible and ready to consider additional conditions pertinent to rights of ownership for produced materials.

Warranty and Product Maintenance
Eureka takes care in delivering a high quality product that fully adheres to the specifications defined and approved by the client. Thought the deliverables are tested at multilevel by Eureka and also accepted and approved by the client, there can be times when bugs occur after the final delivery is made. Eureka offers to its clients 60 days (after the final delivery), when all bugs found by the Customer are fixed free of charge. Even after expiration of this period, we might provide the clients short cost-free consultations on the project concerning source code, implementation etc. 

Product support
Eureka can offer paid support services for created product, like modification of the product and creation of successive versions, product setup, customization, and administration at the Customer's servers, end user support.

Support team

Eureka can provide a dedicated support team to support the product/software developed by us. The same developers who participated in the project development group carry out Bug fixing and product support; therefore, such tasks are fulfilled with maximum speed and quality. The support can also be extended to providing the email and chat support to your customers. We can train our people to provide the back office support required to run the projects done by us for you.

Payment Schedule
The payment terms are as per mutual agreement between Eureka and client.

Payment Mode

Eureka requires that client make the requisite payments by wire transfer to our bank account in India.  The wire transfer details are different for various currencies in which the payment is being made and is made available on project initiation.   The wire transfer sender charges, if any, will have to be borne by the client.


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