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Our Air Charter Guide CD-ROM developed by Eureka is a "first of its kind" in terms of the relational use of textual data and graphic advertising. The Eureka team distinguished themselves by their quickness to respond, their insight into our particular design goals, their willingness to work within these constraints, and their flexibility to change.

Frederick C.Gevalt 
Charter Guides



Multimedia presentations provide an ideal platform to stand out from clutter. Burgeoning competition and the accompanying clamour to get noticed, have necessitated a form of communication that can present exhaustive information in an interactive and engaging way. Interactive CD-ROM based multimedia corporate presentations, CBTs, new product launch info CDs and multimedia CD catalogs can give the edge that can help attain higher recall and recognition from prospects.

We can help you convert your:

Print catalog
Web site
Your product photographs
Your company profile into a CD.

We can create stunning CD presentation design and engaging CD catalog designs - designs which are sure to generate interest in your products. We can either place your data in a static or in a dynamic manner onto a CD. You get a master CD-ROM or a digital card which is basically an electronic business card shaped CD-ROM, also called a CD card. Your presentation or CD catalogue is written onto this CD. It also has an auto-run file and a CD icon customized for you. You could replicate as and when you need more copies. You will be surprised to find out how cheap it works out in comparison to print catalogues and how easy it is to make changes.

If you already have a web site we can put it on a CD, design a web site intro and make it auto-run and launch your website after the intro is over.

Works out great for a new product launch too!

We offer development o f:

CD Magazines
CD Catalogues
CD Galleries
CD Manuals
CD Business cards
CD Press releases
CD Textbooks
CD video and photo archives


Corporate Presentations
Product Catalogues on CD
Visual Effects
3D Animations
E-Learning Software
Motion Graphic
3D Visualisation / Walkthrough
Application Development
Web Services
Multimedia Services
Enterprise Solutions