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Our Air Charter Guide CD-ROM developed by Eureka is a "first of its kind" in terms of the relational use of textual data and graphic advertising. The Eureka team distinguished themselves by their quickness to respond, their insight into our particular design goals, their willingness to work within these constraints, and their flexibility to change.

Frederick C.Gevalt 
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Everyday, more and more people are deciding to move away from making paper catalogues and brochures and are choosing to use CD-ROM's and Digital Business Cards to digitally promote or illustrate themselves and/or their company. The medium that offers this possibility is generally referred to as a Multimedia Presentation.

EEPL can help you to prepare your presentation on the CD-ROM enabling you to present in a much more interactive and interesting way. At the same time give your potential customer data, facts and figure in a manner in which they will be able to understand and not get tired and bored. Perfect presentation is combination of various components that can be included in a presentation.

The Standard Presentation: -
A standard multimedia presentation consists of a combination of text, graphics, illustrations, photos, Internet links, (website and e-mail addresses) and the interactivity between these components.

The following items can be included in your standard presentation

Still Images
Internet Links
Sound Effects

The following Add-On elements can be included in your presentation

Digital Video
Virtual Reality
Voice Over
3D Modeling Catalogues

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